Purchasing the right CCTV system for your requirements can seem a daunting task.  Here at Sterling Security Systems we can help you through the key decision making areas in simple steps, making your life easier.  Why not contact us for a free consultation for your CCTV needs?


Planning your CCTV Installation with the help of Sterling Security Systems


The Installation Process

Our installations are carried out to a high standard and can be at short notice in the event of emergency situations such as neighbour disputes and break ins etc.


Your Personal Home Survey

We offer a no obligation survey and can demonstrate our systems at your home on request followed by a quote in writing if needed. We tailor our products to an individuals needs which means we have access to up to date technology.


Guarantee & Warranty

All systems installed by us are guaranteed for at least 12 months after which we offer a yearly maintenance option for continuity and reliability.



We strive to offer value for money and we will match or beat any of our competitors “like for like” prices, specifications and warranty.


Camera Locations

Sterling Security Systems will help you work out the minimum quantity of cameras you need to secure your property or premises. There is no universal solution to how many cameras you need.  Every location is different and it can be extremely difficult to plan for a complex site.  Sterling can consult with you on your individual requirements and make sure  all critical angles are covered.



Remote Viewing Cameras Via Internet

Remote viewing cameras help monitor what’s happening at your home or small business when you are away by simply accessing the internet.  These cameras provide the benefit of being able to monitor remotely 24/7 as long as there is an internet connection.  Most internet enabled cameras can be set to record automatically when motion is detected or when activated remotely.  Recordings can be sent via email or to a remote server for later viewing.   A majority of internet enabled cameras can allow you to remotely zoom in and out on the camera.

View your security cameras on your desktop computer, laptop, internet enabled smart phone or tablet

It can be difficult to pick the right type of internet enabled camera for your home or small business. Here at Sterling Security Systems we can help you pick the right one for your needs.


Why not contact Sterling Security Systems for a free consultation for your CCTV needs?