Sterling Security Systems is an approved installer of Daitem Wirefree Security Alarms – Installed to a high standard with no mess.

As a result of the wireless technology used in Daitem Wirefree Security Systems, there is minimal disruption to you and your property.


Your Personal Home Survey

Site Surveys and Radio Checks can be done during your survey to ensure reliability.

You can see the products working before you buy.

Professional easy to understand catalogs are available on request.

5 Year Warranty on all Daitem Wirefree products.


Products Available

Sterling Security Systems can installs a range of Daitem Wirefree Security products to suit your needs. For more information on some of these products, have a look at our pages for Motion Detectors, Presence Detectors, Keypads, Optical Smoke Alarms and Remote Key Fob


Daitem Features

• No Wires
• Totally Mains Free
• Twin Radio Bands
• Twin Power
• 5 Year Battery Life
• 5 Year Warranty
• Choice of 5 Types of Remote Key Pad
• Set & Unset with Tags
• New Evolution Touch Screen System Controller
• 2 and 4 Button Programmable Remote Fobs